Kacey Olivier (2012) Named Equity Partner at Heidepriem, Purtell & Siegel

Kasey Olivier has accomplished much in her few years since being admitted to the bar (2012) in South Dakota. In 2015, Olivier made partner at the Heidepriem, Purtell & Siegel Law, a prestigious Sioux Falls law firm. The firm recently announced that it will change its name to Heidepriem, Purtell, Siegel & Olivier, as Olivier has been made an equity partner in the firm.

Some of her other accomplishments in the four years she has been in practice include being named a top 40 under 40 by the National Trial Lawyers Association and one of the top 10 female litigators in client sanctification in the State of South Dakota. The American Institute of Personal Injury Attorneys has recognized Olivier as a Top Ten Female Litigator in the realm of client satisfaction. Olivier currently serves on the Board of Governors for the South Dakota Trial Lawyers Association and the Admissions Committee for the University of South Dakota, School of Law. In 2016, Olivier became the Vice President of the Second Circuit Bar Association and will become President in the Spring of 2017.

Sioux Fall Woman featured Olivier’s struggles growing up in foster care system and her journey to law school. The story illustrates how Olivier overcame adversity in the unstable foster care program and transitioning into adulthood without a support network–including having to emancipate herself from foster care as a senior in high school and having to work  70 plus hours a week just to feed herself.

Olivier hasn’t let anything in her past hold her back. Read more on page 94.


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