Dean’s List: Fall 2016

Congratulations to the following students for making the Dean’s List for the Fall 2016 semester:

Third Year Law Students

Bloom, Elliot J.
Brost, Ashley R.
Cockburn, Maggie K
Erickson, Joseph B.
Haberstick, Carl F.
Redd, Ryan W.
Schulte, Mallory K.

Second Year Law Students

Bangasser, Jordyn
Hodson, Laura E.
Hoffman, Brigid C.
Luther, Kay E.
Maxwell, Kelly M.
Michlitsch, Jennifer M.
Nethken, Branden R.

The Dean’s List is issued each semester. This list is composed of those law students, other than first semester, first year law students, who are registered for twelve or more law school hours, ten of which will be given a numerical grade, and either 1) have for that semester achieved a grade point average of 85.00 or better; or 2) are in the top ten percent of their class for that semester, whichever group is smaller.  The list is not based on cumulative grade point average; it is based on semester grade point average.


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