USD Hosts Regional Client Counseling Tournament

The University of South Dakota School of Law was chosen as a host school for an ABA regional Client Counseling Tournament for neighboring law schools. During the tournament, competitors conduct an initial interview with a person playing the role of the client and then address both the client’s legal and non-legal needs. These participants are judged on various aspects of client counseling: building attorney-client relationship, building rapport, determining client goals, and considering applicable law and options that may be available to the client.

Competing at the USD School of Law American Bar Association Regional ADR Tournament include:

  • Drake University Law School

  • University of Nebraska College of Law

  • Washburn University School of Law

Regional volunteer judges with past ADR experience will advance only one team to Nationals. Each team is provided with a consultation memorandum that includes information that a secretary would likely receive from a client in preparation for a meeting. The teams then have 45 minutes to conduct their interview.

The winning team will advance to the National Client Counseling Competition to be held on March 17th in Norman, Oklahoma, at the University of Oklahoma College of Law.


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