Morgan Nelson (2L) Receives National ABA Student Award

Five outstanding individuals were recently recognized by the Law Student Division of the American Bar Association for hard work, dedication, passion and enthusiasm displayed on the Law Student Division board. The awards given were the


Morgan Nelson, Silver Key Award Recipient

Star of the Division awards, the Silver Key award and the Gold Key award. These highly sought awards were bestowed upon individual’s who have dedicated a year of service towards the betterment of the ABA and the law profession as a whole.

The USD School of Law is pleased to announce and congratulate Morgan Nelson (2L) in receiving the Silver Key Award for her high degree of service, dedication, and leadership to the Law Student Division of the ABA. 

Nelson completed her term as 8th Circuit Governor this past semester, and was recently appointed to Chairwoman of the Caucus Governance Committee. Of her many accomplishments as Governor, her favorite was the passing of the governance restructuring, of which she was active in lobbying other members to pass the act at the National Assembly.


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